Eiffel, the love story behind the making of one of the world’s most magnificent monuments, is “tres bien” says writer Marie-Antoinette Issa.

Eiffel brings A Slice Of Paris To The Southern Highlands

Bowral’s Empire Cinema may be a world away from The City of Love, but Martin Bourboulon’s latest movie is bringing the fervour of France – and specifically the story behind its most famous piece of architecture – to Australia’s oldest and most beautiful regional theatre. While we may not have a screening date yet, due to lockdown and Covid restrictions, the lovely staff and owners at the cinema assure us that as soon as lockdown is done with, they will be scheduling this masterpiece. And it is not to be missed!


Directed by the creative mind responsible for the most recent film adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, and starring Romain Duris and Emma Mackey, the movie offers a previously unseen insight into the story behind the tower of the same name. 

Eiffel In Its Infancy

The drama commences with celebrated engineer Gustave Eiffel (Duris) being honoured for his collaboration on New York’s Statue of Liberty. At the same time, Eiffel is resisting pressure from the French Government to construct something equally spectacular for the 1889 Paris World Fair.

Eventually relenting on his own desire to design a metro, Eiffel goes beyond a documentary on design. Instead, it delves into the romantic relationship between its creator and his ex-fiance Adrienne (Mackey) – who cross paths years after their initial forbidden dalliance owing to the disapproval of her bourgeois family.

Gustav Eiffel (Duris) and his paramour, Adrienne (Mackey)

Eiffel weaves spirited story-telling with spectacular scenery. A tale of passionate re-ignited love, the French-speaking, English sub-titled film will transport you to a time and place where conversations on class, creativity and sizzling chemistry offer an insight into Gallic life in the 19th century.  

The best tribute however comes directly from the descendants of Gustave Eiffel himself, who address the film as a beautiful accolade to their ancestor. “Martin Bourboulon and his team have intelligently transferred to the screen a deeply human portrait of an incredible entrepreneur, audacious and dedicated to the point of working alongside and together with his builders. It is his strength of character, his determination and sensitivity, that allowed Gustave Eiffel to meet the incredible challenge of building this 300-metre tower that is as beguiling today as it was in 1889.”

Behind The Scenes, The Making Of Eiffel!

Ultimately whether you fall in love with its history or are simply smitten with the City of Lights, Eiffel will undoubtedly inspire you to rethink the A-shaped structure that changed the Paris skyline forever.