Virtual Yoga Classes by Hot Yoga studio, Teysha Yoga, in Mittagong are here! Many places of wellness and self-care have been forced to shut with the current restrictions, along with our favourite restaurants and other local small business, so this is news that will thrill Teysha’s devoted yogis.

Teysha said of the digital move, “many yogis have reached out and through our exchanges, my heart has been uplifted with all the kindness of words and messages that I have received. The community support has moved me and inspired me to offer an online platform to reconnect.”

Live Virtual Yoga Classes

Teysha has aligned with Zoom and Mindbody Online to offer you a wonderful new way of maintaining your regular practice with the virtual yoga classes you know and love. All the classes will be live-streamed via Zoom. All you need to do is download the app to your phone, tablet, or computer in advance.

“Class bookings can be made via Mindbody or the timetable as usual,” explains Teysha. Once you’ve booked your virtual yoga classes, you will receive an email with a meeting ID, password and a link to access the live class 15 minutes prior to it commencing.

Teysha’s Top Tips For Your Virtual Yoga Classes

  • Make sure you have booked and paid through the website or Mindbody app.
  • If you are not on the class list you will stay in the waiting room.
  • “Arrive” in the waiting room a few minutes before the start of class to ensure your computer settings and physical space are arranged appropriately. The room will be open 5 minutes before class starts.
  • If you don’t have a yoga mat, most floors have enough traction for standing poses.
  • Have a towel or other soft surface handy for when we’re sitting/kneeling/laying on the ground.
  • Have a quick look around your space and move any nearby objects. For example, lifting one leg from a downward dog can especially lead us to bump into things in a new space, so be sure the space around you affords freedom of movement.
  • Homemade props are all optional, but include:
    – A strap -you can use a bathrobe belt or similar item.                                                                                                                                                       – Blocks – you can use large sturdy books.
    – Blanket – you can use a bath towel or throw blanket.
    – Chair – this can be helpful for standing balances, or perhaps we can even try a restorative pose or two with it!
    – Bolsters – Pillows, or a cushion cushion.Try to ask any cohabitants (people and animals alike) to allow you this time to refresh, re-centre, and calm yourself undisturbed.
  • Attaching speakers or headphones to your desktop/laptop/device will help amplify the class and my voice and give a better quality of sound.
  • If you’re missing the feeling of a hot room try preheating your room before class commences.
  • Have a hot shower before you start! A nice warm body is important to prevent injury and this will help limber you up.
  • Perhaps see this as a time to deepen your practice and explore new edges within. Step out of your comfort zone and notice what it’s like to practice without the challenge of the heat and consider what other challenges are arising in your practice. Focus on your breath and use it as a vehicle to bring you back to the present moment

Virtual Yoga Classes – The ​Technical aspects

You will be muted on Zoom during the class. If you have a question during class bring your hand into a stop position to let Teysha know.

“It’s up to you if you would like to use video or not, adds Teysha. “Just be mindful that all others in the virtual yoga classes will be able to see you. However, seeing you can help me guide my instructions.”

Bookings for Teysha’s online yoga classes will stop 15 minutes before the class starts, so make sure you have booked online. Please add to your email address book to ensure that the link does not go to your spam folder. If you are having trouble accessing your MindBody account, please contact Teysha.

Teysha’s Virtual Yoga Classes will commence on Tuesday 14th September from 8am. Classes are $12 each. You can use your studio passes if you like, or save them for when lockdown is done with.


” Right now we have been provided with an opportunity to choose to continue to move forward, to grow, and cultivate, strive and sustain our health and wellness goals,” says Teysha. “Together we have the choice to start our day off right and tap into those happy hormones with some morning classes. Creating a routine in these times helps to keep those lockdown blues away and strengthens our inner resources.”