Hands up who’s been missing out on their regular massage during lockdown? I know I have and my back has really suffered from it. So much so, that I had to pay a visit to Bowral Hospital ER for some serious anti-inflammatory treatment (kudos to the staff there for the exceptional care they provided during these stressful times).

Mobile Massage

While mobile massage has been permitted with the easing of restrictions for around a month or so now, it’s still been fairly hard to book. There are only couple of operators in our region, and they get booked up faster than you can complain about your shoulder pain.

Beauty Salons Opening Soon

The great news is that spas and salons can reopen for treatments from June 1st, however, there’s likely to be a long waiting list there, too.

So, to help us all keep our necks, backs, shoulders and stress in check, I asked the lovely Madalyn Humphries (AKA Maddie, pictured below) from Thrive Mobile Massage for her top tips on keeping stress and knot-free and to help keep the muscle (and mental) aches and pains at bay.

Learn To Relax

This is the ultimate goal, according to Maddie, but she acknowledges as much as the next person it is ugh on impossible at the best of times, let alone now, with all that’s going on. However, there are ways to help soothe stressed muscles, and in turn, lull those stressed out senses. Make it part of your Nest and Nurture routine!

Practice Gentle Stretches Daily

“Stretching loosens your body for ease of movement,” says Maddie. “It helps get blood and lymphatic fluid flowing through the body, as well as lubricating the joints and keeping muscles warm and supple.” Maddie suggests stretching each morning before bed and again at night. Simple stretches such as touching your toes, reaching high in the air, stretching side to side, can all help keep the muscles supple and the body mobile.

Take A Warm Bath With Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are magnesium based, which is known as a fantastic muscle relaxant. Be careful not to add too much to the tub, as magnesium is absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin and can cause you to get the runs (true story!). Use two cups or less for a standard sized tub.

“Soak for around 20 minutes,” suggests Maddie. “Light a candle, turn on calm music and use aromatherapy oils. Drink some herbal tea to stay hydrated. Try new flavours and take the time to be present in your relaxation! “

Embrace Your Hot Water Bottle

Few things are as comforting as a hot water bottle. Aside from helping to ease niggling aches and pains, it’s a hark back to childhood and is really like a little portable hug (and who doesn’t need that right now?).

“Grab your hot water bottle and a blanket, and find your favourite cosy spot in the house,” advises Maddie. “identify the flavours and let yourself have that time! Read a book or draw … let your mind escape reality.

Turn Off All Devices

My GP tells me he sees more cases of aches and pains in peoples’ hands, wrists, necks and shoulders from over-use of devices like phones, tablets, pods and even laptops than most other health complaints. it’s quite telling and a pretty sad indictment of the time we live in (no, the irony that you’re reading this on a device is not lost on me!).

My awesome GP, as well as Maddie, both stress that we need to turn our devices OFF.
“I don’t just mean silent,” stresses Maddie. “I mean totally OFF. Aside from the holding of them and the bad posture associated with the use of devices, the constant staring at screens is so bad for us. Take a break each night and ensure you have at least two hours screen-free time before you go to sleep.”

Be Kind

Not just to each other – to yourself as well. in fact, especially.

Maddie says, “Be proud, and reward your hard work. You cannot continue to the amazing things you do on an empty tank. You have our permission to just chill!”

Thrive massage operates on Friday from 5.30pm to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 9pm.

For bookings, call 0433 401 908.

Expect to Pay …

Pricing starts at $110 for a 60 minute massage, which I reckon is a great bargain, considering Maddie brings everything (bed, towels, oils and music) and you get to simply roll off the massage table into your own comfy sofa or bed immediately afterwards.