Sydney Seafood School is renowned for its incredible cooking classes with world-class chefs. While in-house lessons are currently on hold, Southern Highlands residents can now avail of their amazing online classes.

Sydney Seafood School In Your Kitchen!

Yep, you can whip up delicious seafood dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen thanks to SSS@Home, a weekly online cooking class which is available in collaboration with Harris Farm Bowral.

So how does it work? For just $45, you’ll receive a complete kit of fresh ingredients to create a meal for two people, an instructional video which you can watch via YouTube, and step-by-step instructions. 

The dishes change each week, with recipes from a leading chef or the School’s collection of delicious favourites. Each kit contains fresh Australian seafood from Sydney Fish Market along with top quality fruit, vegetables and premium pantry items.

Some of the meals to date have included a fragrant Moroccan seafood and vegetable tagine and sweet and sour barramundi from Mark Jensen, chef/co-owner of Sydney’s most popular Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern. Also featured, the School’s most popular class, Singapore Chilli Crab, and easy to make and put together fish tacos!

Sydney seafood school fish tacos
The Kit Created By Sydney Seafood School For You To Create Fish Tacos At Home! Pic: Sophia Azara.

Amazing Response!

Seafood School manager Roberta Muir says the response has been really heart-warming for the SSS team. “People have ordered multiple kits for friends and family and held Zoom dinner parties. Others are ordering each week for their iso-date-nights. Lots of people are sending kits to loved ones in self-isolation. I love how innovative people are being.” 

“Now we’re particularly excited to be able to reach people outside Sydney, in the Southern Highlands, Hunter and Central West, thanks to our alliance with Sydney Fresh Seafood.”

SSS@Home kits are available on Fridays from Harris Farm in Bowral. There’s also a 4-week loyalty package offer released each Friday for those who don’t want to have to think about Friday dinners for the month ahead.

Sydney seafood school
Fish Tacos – Yes, You Can Make Them Look And Taste This Good Too!

Expect to pay… just $45 for enough for a meal for two, plus a fantastic cooking lesson!

Words: Nicola Conville