When Eden Brewery first opened its doors in Cavendish street in Mittagong in January 2017, it changed the way Southern Highlanders drank beer. With its craft beers freshly brewed on the premises, using the highest quality ingredients, and food carts outside for hungry imbibers, it quickly became our own mini slice of Portland, USA.

Conveniently located in a lovely nook half way between Mittagong central and Bowral’s high street, Eden brewery is one of the many Highlands establishments that welcomes dogs (and kids too – so makes the perfect outing for the family). #nopawsleftbehind

Dog Friendly Drinks
A brewery that welcomes dogs is a brewery that we support!

What’s On Eden Brewery’s menu?

Owned and operated by husband and wife team Jacob and Deb Newman, Eden Brewery currently produces 10 varieties of beer, included a lighter lager called Birch Wit, which just happens to be my favourite, and a truly decent dark drop called Patina Oatmeal Stout, which will convert even the most ardent of Guinness drinkers.

From there, you have a selection of tasty, utterly unique brews, including Apple Pie Sour, Willow SPA and Cattail Hazy Pale, which is pretty much summer in a glass. They also offer Apple Cider and a selection of local wines.

One of the best ways to try them is with a tasting palette, which offers you a selection of each beer so you can decide on your favourite. From there, you can take home your desired drop in either bottles, a squealer or a growler, to enjoy at leisure growler, whilst we are in lockdown. Side note: Eden is open for online orders and Boozy Burger takeaway only from Wednesday to Sunday, while we are currently locked down, but when we are not, they do follow strict Covid procedures and welcome both locals and tourists alike.

Eden Brewery beers
Shop online for your bottles, squealers and growlers!

Let’s Not Forget Boozy Burgers!

Last year, Jacob and Deb teamed up with local chef Nathan West to open their own permanent food cart, Boozy Burgers. The menu boasts a selection of burgers that are the perfect match to the selection of brews on offer. While there’s a hefty selection, plus some specials, my tip is to devour the truffle mushroom burger. it’s literally a slice of heaven, with pickle on the side.

“It’s an all beer themed burger truck!” explains Jacob. “Beer is one of the best food-accompanying beverages out there, and we don’t just want to give beer and food pairing lip service, we want to show the community how incredible it can be!

“We have some amazing beer inspired burgers, from our brewing grain being used in the buns, beer brined bacon and even beer vinegar pickles! It’s beautiful. It’s been a pleasure working with our co-owner Nathan West. He has a very impressive wrap sheet, the most recent of which was the Press Shop where he was in charge of the kitchen for three years.

Boozy Burgers use all beer-inspired ingredients to create these mouthwatering creations!

“Our beer has found its way into every facet of the menu, a good example of our use of beer is one of my favourite menu items – the fried pickles. The cucumbers are first pickled in vinegar made from our beer, then placed into batter made from beer, malted barley flour and yeast taken daily from the brewery. After the pickles are cooked, they’re served alongside a beer based ranch dipping sauce. Simply put, we believe that beer should never be left in the glass, and we apply that belief across the menu.”

Eden Brewery

Entertainment at Eden Brewery

Let’s not forget Friday night entertainment, where for just $10, you get to hear local legends including Michelle Cashman and Andy Penkow strum their guitars and belt out a beautiful tune like few in the Highlands or surrounds can. Again, of course, this is when we are not in lockdown, so keep and eye on the dates when restrictions are lifted as you don’t want to miss out on this. You’ve also got trivia on Saturday nights to look forward to! Bring on end of lockdown!

Until we can come and go freely, we do have to live with these Covid-19 restrictions, but we can in various ways support our local businesses. So why not think about beers and burgers next time you’re doing lockdown takeout? Also remember that 10% of all profits are donated to Oxfam. It doesn’t get much better, but to prove it, I sat down with Jacob and grilled him (pardon the pun) on his process and his amazing brews!

Jacob from Eden
When it comes to creating the perfect craft beer, Jacob takes the task very seriously!

What inspired you to set up shop here? 

We absolutely love the region, from the produce to the people and the climate!

You love to keep things interesting, collaborating with wineries to make special limited edition brews.

Yes, we have a rotating range. we try to have a new beer every two weeks. There’s up to 10 different beers available on tap at one time.

Which one is the most popular and why do you think that it is?

As of late our Ponderosa IPA is breaking records. It’s a beautifully balanced American West Coast IPA packed with Mosaic and Amarillo hops.

Your beers are so clean, both to drink that night and also the morning after. There’s definitely no sluggish feeling or hangover where some mass produced beers can leave this feeling even after one drink. What is your secret?
We try to keep the ingredients as close to home as possible, even sourcing all of our grain from NSW. This keeps the beers fresher and brighter!

You give a portion of your profits to Oxfam – that’s amazing. What is your reason/passion for doing this? 
We’ve seen first hand the importance of clean water from our time in Papua New Guinea and we want to do right by our community. Now more than ever we are a global community, so the profits we donate go towards clean drinking water for underprivileged countries.

You’ve managed to sustain business well throughout the Covid Crisis, what have been some challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?
We have had to pivot to online sales, now you can order our beer direct from our website. But honestly, having invested so heavily in the local community, Highlanders were quick to make sure we were looked after in a challenging time. We have them to thank.

When you and Deb get a rare day off, what do you like to do in and around the highlands? With a young toddler and a growing business we have our hands very full. You could find us strolling around Lake Alexandra or taking a sneaky trip to the coast, when Covid restrictions permit.